How a Reputable Global Freight Forwarder Can Help

Global shipping and delivery has become a competitive industry since the world became both business and consumerism wise connected. Most nations around the planet have united in importing and exporting goods. This requires advanced shipping and delivery services that guarantee delivery in a timely fashion while ascertaining safety and security. If you’re heavily involved in importing or exporting goods overseas, it is important that you foster a relationship with a reliable freight forwarding company. Here’s why:

Handles Local Customs

You should look for a global freight services provider that has been in the industry for a considerable period. Experience in this industry is the most important thing to consider when picking a freight forwarding company. When shipping overseas, for example importing or exporting to China, there are numerous things that need to be handled other than transportation. Each nation has varying rules and regulations in regard to exports and imports. A service that has been in the shipping industry for long knows how to deal with these requirements. You can be confident that your business products will be delivered without any hiccups.

Caters to Your Business Needs

It’s imperative to discuss your shipping needs with the potential freight company. This involves the types of items to be delivered, the frequency of shipping, the time required, etc. A reputable global freight company works with you and not aside from you. They maintain constant communication throughout the whole process until your items reach their destination in one piece. Keep in mind that popular freight companies have many clients, and so, you have to make sure that you plan the distribution beforehand. This allows you to get immediate attention. Regardless, an excellent firm should be able to cater to your requirements.

Shipping Through The Sea

Shipping your products via the sea is the most affordable solution. A sea freight forwarder can help you with all the required logistics in the transportation business. If you have a huge inventory that has to be delivered, pick a firm that offers sea shipping services. This will help you save more money, which you would have to pay if you picked the air freight option for shipping internationally.

If you’re climbing the success ladder, ensure you continue to do so by choosing a reliable freight forwarder. The international trade industry is a very competitive domain, and so, you’ll want to ensure that all your products get to their destination in the intended state. Experience and reputation should be the most important factors to consider when making your decision.

Finding The Best Landscaping Companies London Has To Offer


Finding a landscaping service that will give you the result you are hoping for can be a challenge unless you have done a little research and know what you’re looking for. With the large number of landscaping companies London contains, the idea of choosing between them can seem overwhelming. However, with a little preparation the process can be quick, easy and stress-free, resulting in a job that lives up to your expectations. Knowing what you want is the first step – by knowing what you want, you will also recognize it when you find it.

Start by making a list of the most important aspects of the job and what you want from the service – do you need any special services to cover legal requirements, like demolition. Naturally, you will want a company that is reliable and reputable; you may also value a high level of customer service, expertise in a specific area of landscaping, and experience in particular challenges that may come up in the job you want done. This list should be your guide to which companies you can discount and which companies you will want to consider working with. Take your time over the list so that you don’t forget anything.

The next step is to make a list of all of the landscaping companies in your area of London, and then visit the website of each one. Compare each of these companies to your list of requirements to make sure they fit your criteria. You can cut from your list any that don’t fill all of the requirements on your list. Make sure you also cut any companies with websites that are unprofessional or incomplete since, in this day and age, the state of a business’s website is generally an indication of the business itself.

The third step is to check on feedback from previous clients. You may find the company’s website features testimonials from previous clients, but these will naturally only be positive. In order to get a more balanced view of what you can expect if you hire that particular service it is best to carry out a search for posts on social media and in forums regarding that company. People are usually very quick to post their complaints on forums and social media, so if there is anything you need to be aware of regarding a landscaping service you are considering hiring, you should be able to find it online.

Once you have a short list of landscaping companies London-based, that seem to comply with your list of requirements, and that have a good track record according to those who have hired them in the past, it is time to call each one. Make sure you have a list of questions with you that you can ask each company, and take notice of the customers service and how your questions are answered. The experience you have with the receptionist or whoever answers the phone will give you another indication of what you can expect from doing business with that particular landscaping company.

Do You Know How To Go About Raising Money For Startups?

Startups often require extra capital, and that extra capital may be something that business owners don’t have themselves. When they don’t have the money necessary, they must raise that money in one way or another. Many business owners get loans from companies of course, but there are alternative solutions. You can also raise money for startups by courting private investors.

The investors aren’t always going to simply hand over money for a stake in your company. Sometimes these private investors will also be lenders, in which case you would have to pay back the money. Also, you may not be dealing with just one investor, depending on several different factors, including how much startup capital you need. It could be that a pool of small investors even help you with your startup funds.

Raising Money For Star-Ups

These days small investors are much more easily able to get in on the fun. There are sites out there that help pool investors together. There are also sites out there that help people raise money for various things, and that includes business startups. Think about Go Fund Me. This site helps people raise funds for all kinds of different things. People first think of it as a site for charity and giving to others, but people with business ideas take to this site and others, too.

There are so many startup companies each and every year. Small businesses do face an uphill battle, but that doesn’t spell doom. Get your business plan in order, and make sure you have your finances in order. Having the money raised for your startup will help in so many ways. Of course, when reaching out for help, it’s not just about the money.

There are also companies that offer tools and resources to small business owners to help them get their business ideas off the ground. Plus, you have a figure in mind, but how fast are you going to be able to raise the capital. Time matters, especially when you’re preparing for a grand opening. Are you ready to bring your business ideas to the table with investors so that you can raise that capital?

Sometimes it can take a considerable amount of time, not just raising the capital, but preparing to open for business in general. You don’t want to take time for granted, however, if it’s on your side. You want to get your business finances in order with First Avenue Partners and get those doors open.

How To Write A 300 Page Book In Four Months

Writing a book

Writing a book can be a great way to establish credibility with your potential clients especially if you have created a proprietary system of solving serious business issues. There are many resources available but Mark Silver does an excellent job of recapping them and adding a step by step action plan on how to actually write your book. I highly recommend Mark’s website and newsletter as he has a very socially conscious approach to entrepreneurship.

There’s a lot of hoopla about becoming an author of your very own business book. The promise of fame and fortune is very alluring. Yet your book remains perpetually ‘about to be’ written. Or, you’ve sequestered yourself for weeks or months to write your book, only to come out with something you feel luke-warm about.
writing a book

The purpose of a novel is to entertain. The author takes you out of your reality into a world they’ve constructed or described. To do that, many fiction authors do go on retreat, or sequester themselves in some way in order to immerse themselves in their created world.

The purpose of your business’ book is… why do you want to write a book, really? Besides the fame and fortune ;), I mean why do you need to write your book?

You need it for many of the same reasons you need a website. It allows people to enter into the world of your solution, without betting the farm.

Never mind if they’re too shy to make your workshop, or not ready to hire you for whatever it is you do. They can, and will, get your book.

The secret: You’re not writing a book.

Your business solves a problem of some sort. Your product or service helps them solve this problem. Your ‘book’ should tell them how to do it.

Your book gives your readers and customers what they need in order to solve the problem on their own. It gives them an accurate description of the problem. It gives them the process of how to face and solve the problem. It gives the philosophical foundation, if necessary.

Those exercises evolved into handouts. Which evolved into multiple handouts. Which evolved into workbooks.
Then I taught several different workshops, and with each one I went through the process of handouts to workbooks. Then I beefed up each of the workbooks a bit, in response to folks who weren’t clear about what I had written.

After a few years it dawned on me: hmmm, I have about 150 pages in five different workbooks. Over about four months, with the support of my wife and my master mind group, I went through those workbooks so they could stand alone, and added an introduction and a conclusion.

The result: 300 pages and tens of thousands of dollars in sales, because the book is solid, and actually applies to real life. I didn’t dream it up on retreat, far from the people who would be using it.
Are you getting the drift here? Your book should be written while immersed in your business, with your customers, with the problems they face, and the questions they ask you.

Keys to Writing Your Book:

It can be short, to begin with.
You can keep expanding it later as you need to.
You don’t need a publisher.

For your business, forget about a publisher. Even if a publisher picked you up, what would happen? They would leave you the responsibility of doing 95% of the marketing anyway.

This is a bigger subject to be addressed, but believe me when I say that you can be very successful without a publisher, going the self-published route.

It’s not your book, it’s your FIRST book.

You might be tempted to never finish your book, because you keep learning and growing, and thinking of things to add in.

Use your heart, and look at it from your reader’s perspective. Where is a natural stopping point? Then, you can save the rest of your material for your second book. And your third. Believe me, once your finish your first book, it’s addictive, and you’ll start writing others.

Getting a book written doesn’t need to be a mysterious or artificial process. Let your work with your customers organically pull it out of you, then polish it off. Then write your next one.