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Friendship day Letter Writing Ideas to Boyfriend Girlfriend Friends BFF

Friendship Day Letter Ideas for BF and GF :  On this friendship day 2016 you all have to wish your friends this awesome day. But as we want to make this day special with our best friends and want to celebrate with our girlfriend and boyfriend also. So if you want  to wish your girlfriend on this friendship day. So don't late to write a letter for your girlfriend and boyfriend. Here our website we are providing Friendship Day Images collection. If you also want to write a letter for your gf and bf on this friendship day, so we have a collection of Friendship Day Letter Writing Ideas.

Friendship Letter Writing ideas for Best Boyfriend | Letter ideas for Best Girlfriend

If you all want to make this friendship day, a special day of your lover and bf, gf. So don't wait to far, you have to write a letter in lovely words. So your closer one can understand your feelings. Write your feelings on a piece of paper. Write a piece of paper for your friend, BF, GF and Lover on this friendship day 2016.

Happy Friendship Day Wish Letter | Friendship Day Letter Ideas

Friendship Day is a biggest event of your life, as i think so don't miss this event with busy schedule of your life, you have to wish your friends on this friendship day in different manner. On this friendship day you have to share your thoughts with your best partner, you can also write a letter for your partner, means life partner it might be your husband and wife.

Steps to create a Best Friendship Letter for your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

  1. Your letter need not be an exclusive work of literature or prose, but it should surely be an exposition of your feelings for your friend.
  2. Make an effort to get a nice letter-pad from the market, rather than write it on a piece of paper torn from the middle of the notebook.
  3. Gather your thoughts before penning it down. Think about you want to write and then start writing.
  4. Put down some old records or reminisces about the happy times.
  5. Attach a photograph with the letter, which depicts the beautiful relationship that the two of you share.
  6. In case there is no photograph, chip in some stickers of cartoon characters that both of you adore.
  7. Create a riot of colors, but make sure that it's not overdone.
  8. Write a joke or two to have humor in your letter
  9. Start on a light note and proceed slowly to make it a platform for the expression of your feelings
  10. End with an emotional touch to let them know how much they mean to you.
  11. Do remember to thank your friend for being there always.
  12. Whatever you do, just make sure that you need not be perfect at it. The thought of writing a letter and the effort undertaken matters the most, while rest can just be excluded.
Friendship Day Letter Ideas

Friendship Day Letter Thoughts for your BFF (Best Friend Forever) and Girlfriend

On this friendship day you all should wish your girlfriend and boyfriend with writing a best friendship letter. You can share voice of your heart with your best friend. So here if you liked this post on "Friendship Day letter Writing Ideas" so don't forget to share it with your best friends over facebook and whatsapp. You can also share your thoughts by commenting on this post below.


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