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{$} Happy Friendship Day 2016 Square Size Profile DP Pics for WhatsApp Facebook

Friends enjoy Happy friendship day Square Size Profile Pics and Happy Friendship day Whatsapp Dp and wish your friendship in a best way. If you have any queries related to the Friendship day FB DP,then yu can comment here and then we will solve your problem.

Happy Friendship Day 2016 Square Size Profile Pics

Happy Friendship Day Square Size Profile DP Pics Images Photos : Hi guys as you all know that this year the friendship day will be celebrated on 7th Of August and from now the people must have started there preparation for the friendship day celebration. At first friendship day was celebrated in the year 1935 where a owner of a card making company started selling free cards to the public by saying that their should be one day which a person should spend that with their one of the most precious friends. Friendship days nowadays was started from 1st August and from them the whole week is celebrated as Friendship week nad it is one of the day which is made periodically and it has no any ritual stories attached behind it. But you can find most instance of friendship in most of the epic belonging to each country which can show you the importance of friends and there is no way which can stop world form celebrating the Friendship day.  Share these all Friendship day Profile Pics and celebrate this day.

Happy Friendship Day Square Size Whatsapp DP

Happy Friendship Day Facebook Profile Pics DP Photo Image : Most of the people are not aware about why friendship day is celebrated from where it has its origin and. Lord Krishna demonstrates the many colors of friendship - affection, romance, brotherhood, protection, guidance, intimacy and even teasing. Friendship is all about these and much more. People bind different colour of band on the wrist of their friend which shows their love and affection for the other person and each colour represent the different meaning like Red is for the love, passion, fire, joy, energy, Orange is for the pacifism, sexuality, fire, energy. Yellow is to sunshine, hope, beauty, jealousy, summer, gold, money. Green belongs to youth, nature, hope, harmony, eternity, life, envy, good luck. Blue represents friendship, harmony, the sky, water, tranquility, calmness. Dark Blue resembles the calmness, tranquility, harmony, eternity, purity, depression. Violets are for dreams, wisdom, mystics, friendship. Pink shows the love, attachment, energy, tenderness, dreaminess. continue reading in the below.

Happy Friendship Day Profile DP Pics for Facebook

Best Friendship Day DP Profile Pic For Girlfriend Boyfriend. White is basically for purity, freedom, truth, independence, light. Black is for loneliness, sadness, magic, energy, fearlessness, catharsis. Gray – age, punctuality, sadness, insensitivity, modesty. Basically people do not use black and grey colour of bands to the people. On the basis of these colour of band people try to express their feeling to other people about hot they feel for them. Now The popular customs of Friendship Day includes handing over roses, especially the pink and yellow ones are the most demanded colours on this day


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